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Christy Dura-Cast concrete niches and Fibrelyte™ niche liners have been the preferred choice for columbarium projects throughout the United States since 1983.

Photo of Santa Cruz Memorial Park Niche Project

Christy’s advanced concrete manufacturing process produces niches with the strength and durability that will last through the ages with style and beauty.

Our Dura-Cast niches are produced in a highly controlled environment that eliminates adverse conditions often encountered when concrete is placed and cured on-site. These conditions include ambient temperature variance, freeze-thaw conditions, quality of aggregates, form construction, mix design, and worker skill levels.

Christy niches can be provided in many different configurations allowing for installation in a wide variety of settings.

Dura-Cast Niches: Escondido, Ca.
Dura-Cast Niches: Sun City, Az.
Dura-Cast Niches: Vacaville, Ca.

Dura-Cast Niches: Reno, Nv.
Dura-Cast Niches: Oakland, Ca.
Dura-Cast Niches: Auburn, Ca.

Dura-Cast Niches: Fowler, Ca.
Dura-Cast Niches: Fresno, Ca.

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