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The Diamond Archive Series Niches are professionally crafted with unsurpassed attention-to-detail.

The design elements offer a complete and lasting seal, providing a niche that:


Protects urns and other memorial items made with precious and semi-precious metals to resist oxidation.


Protects the interior from intrustion by dust, dirt, and moisture.


Protects the interior by invasion of insects.


UV glass protects artifacts and photos against fading from direct sunlight [optional]

Cuts Costs

Eliminates maintenance costs from periodic cleaning of niche interior.

"These niches represent a new milestone in design & innovation."

True Modular Construction

Each niche has a self-contained environment. Our unique design can be modified after installation. For example: A large niche can be removed, and 4 small niches, or 2 medium niches can be installed in its place. Any configuration to accomodate the needs of your clients.

Available in three reconfigurable sizes:

Diamond Archive Small


13 1/2" X 13 1/2"Internal Dimensions
Diamond Archive Medium


13 1/2" X 28 5/8"Internal Dimensions
Diamond Archive Large


28 5/8" X 28 5/8"Internal Dimensions

The Diamond Archive Series can also be integrated with the Christy Dura-Cast Niche System.

At Christy, we take pride in the quality of our niche products, the beauty of our installations, and our commitment to excellent customer satisfaction.

Please give us a call to schedule a free consultation and see how the Diamond Archive Series will fit into your property and budget.

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